The PolicyConnection UnderRight™ Database

In the world of life insurance, there are two approaches to finding the best coverage: having to rely on the personal knowledge/opinions of an insurance agent, or accessing the always-updated, data-driven power of PolicyConnection’s proprietary UnderRight™ database.

The benefits of the UnderRight™ database come down to two main reasons: Accuracy and Objectivity. We think that for something as important to your family as life insurance, these two factors should be the strongest ones to consider:


The UnderRight™ Database relies on real-life data and algorithms to deliver recommendations with pinpoint accuracy for your specific needs and pre-existing conditions, right now. It minimizes bias and error by letting data speak for itself. Traditional insurance agents, while knowledgeable, can’t possibly have the degree of data accuracy in their brain or memory. Furthermore, many agents may lean toward policies offered by the companies they represent, potentially overlooking better options from other insurers.

Transparency and Objectivity:

Our UnderRight™ database provides our expert representatives with recommendations that are transparent and data-driven, enhancing trust and understanding in the decision-making process. Armed with that data-driven information, our licensed PolicyConnection representatives can independently access dozens of top companies to make the best recommendation for you and your situation. Traditional agents may strive for objectivity but also may be influenced by commissions or incentives from the companies they represent. And again, traditional agents are typically bound to the offerings of the companies they work for, potentially missing out on better-suited policies elsewhere.

Bottom Line: 

Our PolicyConnection UnderRight™ database thrives on data-driven precision and impartiality, while traditional insurance agents provide personalized insights but may be limited by their own knowledge, access to a limited number of companies, and their other affiliations. Your choice depends on whether you prefer data-powered expertise when securing your insurance coverage with a pre-existing condition.

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