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PolicyConnection takes the guess work out of buying life insurance.

Buying life insurance can be confusing and challenging, especially for the 50% of Americans who have pre-existing conditions or insurability risk. Life insurance for pre-existing conditions is our specialty! No one beats PolicyConnection for matching your individual circumstances with the very best and most affordable policies from America’s top insurance companies.

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PolicyConnection only offers one type of life insurance product: term life insurance. This is one of the easiest life insurance products to understand as well as the best way to protect your loved ones with a safety net. With term life insurance, you buy coverage for a specific time frame. The death benefit is a lump sum payout of the policy’s cash value to your family or other designated beneficiaries.

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Elaine | 77
Heart Condition
Dierdre | 33
Marijuana User
Fred | 26
High Blood Pressure

Expert Matchmakers in Life Insurance.

Every person has a unique combination of needs and individual circumstances when it comes to life insurance. It’s not just health conditions and insurability considerations – you also have to factor in policy amount, type of insurance, payment options, and more. And just like health conditions, different companies can be better or worse at issuing different kinds of policies.

Consider us expert matchmakers for life insurance. We learn your specific needs and background, then our team of consultants gets to work researching and finding the company with the easiest underwriting and best price for the amount of coverage you need.

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